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Cyrtopodium flavum (Nees) Link & Otto ex Rchb. 1830 (Kew)


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  • From Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis post, 201806011, #18034, 181261-2. Cyrtopodium flavum- This species used to be called Cyrt. polyphyllum or Cyrt. paranaense. It thrives in full Texas sun and heat (seriously, no shade needed) and is more compact than other Cyrtopodium relatives. It will also die if given a hard dry rest in winter and can be treated like Cattleyas (i.e. less water, but can't stay dry for months on end. Its a terrestrial (like most species in this genus) so I grow it in a clay pot with 50/50 peat/sand mix. It gets watered daily as temperatures reach and surpass 100 degrees.

    : June 14, 2018, 12:37 a.m.