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Epidendrum veroscriptum Hágsater 1993 (Kew)


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  • Thanks to Bernd Koch for pointing out that the photo #18658 may be wrongly identified. The photo was originally posted as Epidendrum scriptum. However, there are three taxons with the samme name (Epidendrum scriptum) in Kew. The first two are synonym of Graphorkis concolor var. alphabetica and of Grammatophyllum scriptum respectively. Neither of these two look anything like #18658. So that's left the third which is a synonym of Epidendrum veroscriptum. The citation for this last taxon was deemed nom. illeg. therefore it is Epidendrum veroscriptum, not a variety. I do agree with you htough that the flowers in the photo are clearly different from the others in the page. I will add a couple of "?" to indicate there is some uncertainty about this photo.

    : June 21, 2018, 2:05 a.m.