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Paphiopedilum Fanaticum Paphiopedilum Wilbur Chang (2016) is the progeny of P. Fanaticum but is listed u... Oct. 21, 2018
Phalaenopsis Chienlung Bear Ambo Listed as maculata x Chienlung Bear Ambo Oct. 9, 2018
Vaughnara Jairak Kiss This photo (#722) is not Vaughnara Jairak Kis. It is Encyleyvola Grapelade Oct. 9, 2018
Encyvola Gordon Vickers This photo (#1056) is not the image of Encyvola Gordon Vickers. It is Vaugh... Oct. 9, 2018
Phragmipedium Peruflora's Spirit Hi. This hybrid is not Phrag. Angel. It is Phragmipedium Dagmar Elisabeth (Fritz... Oct. 3, 2018
Phragmipedium caudatum Hi. This is Phragmipedium popowii, not caudatum. Oct. 2, 2018
Cattleya maxima http://bluenanta.com/static/utils/images/species/spc_000041861_000036026.jpg is... Oct. 2, 2018
Arachnis flos-aeris Flower dimensions are wrong, margins undulating and banded markings too faint, a... Sept. 18, 2018
Dendrobium palpebrae They are Dendrobium thyrsiflorum http://orchidroots.org/orchid/59285/species_de... Sept. 15, 2018
Oncidesa Cocoa Peach Hello Henry, Photos are submitted to Orchidroots froun members of Bluenanta gro... Sept. 7, 2018
Clowesetum Jumbo Lace Thank you Raoul Cere. It should be there now. Sept. 3, 2018
Phalaenopsis Crimson Cherub Thank you David. The photo has been moved to Phalaenopsis Crimson Cherub-Dragon... Aug. 26, 2018
Brassocattleya Edna Thanks! Aug. 26, 2018
Rhyncholaeliocattleya Pamela Finney Thank you David. What a blimmer! They are now moved to Rlc. Chunfong Beauty (ai... Aug. 26, 2018
Dendrobium Orchidwood Thank you Mick. The photos have been removed Aug. 26, 2018
Phalaenopsis Micaels Pensamera Phalaenopsis Micaels Pensamera photo is there. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mic... Aug. 21, 2018
Phalaenopsis Micaels Pantheritz The Phalaenopsis Micaels Pantheritz photos are there. https://www.facebook.com... Aug. 21, 2018
Eria lasiopetala To date (August 12, 2018) Kew Gardens indicates that Eria lasiopetala (Willd.) O... Aug. 12, 2018
Isochilus linearis Looks like Isochilus aurantiacus which is orange color. Aug. 8, 2018
Cycnoches chlorochilon Thank you Stephen, the photo removed Aug. 8, 2018
Papilionanda Nellie Morley Papilionanda Hilo Jewel, misidentified as Papilionanda Nellie Morley. Aug. 7, 2018
Campylocentrum grisebachii Campylocentrum Grisebachii, of the family orchidaceae, considered one of the sma... Aug. 6, 2018
Vanda furva 50220, 17892 and 190428 are reidentified by Emrys Chew to be Vanda saxatilis July 31, 2018
Cymbidium Esmeralda Incorrect photograph. The flower should be green. July 31, 2018
Cleisostoma appendiculatum All photos posted by L.Jamir - someone mentioned that it might be a simondii. A... July 26, 2018
Psychilis atropurpurea This one is an exception July 22, 2018
Epicrianthes charishampeliae Hi Yves. Epicrianthes charishampeliae was described in OrchideenJ. 6(2): 3. 201... July 20, 2018
Coryanthes macrocorys I am somewhat dubious about #23270... The location is not right. Coryanthes mac... July 20, 2018
Masdevallia bangii From Tom Bajza post: tiny tiny TINY, that is what I can say, and super cute. Mi... July 14, 2018
Phaius tankervilleae Emrys Chew's Post: Phaius tankervilleae (Banks) Blume (1856), the ubiquitous ‘... July 8, 2018
Vanda tricolor var. tricolor Emrys Chew proposal: Vanda tricolor var. tricolor (Kew) is the accepted name an... July 8, 2018
Macradenia multiflora From comments to #23059. CW Lim: Mine is a sequence bloomer too. It looks like ... July 8, 2018
Paphiopedilum callosum An excerpt from Orchidaceae And Its Taxonomy. Guido Jozef Braem, Administrator ... July 2, 2018
Papilionanda Arjuna Photos 20132 and 17846 (both submitted by Francisco Mari-Lassalle) are mislabele... July 1, 2018
Bulbophyllum anceps FOLIA SG post: 2018-06-28. a native of Borneo with flatten bulbs that are tree ... June 28, 2018
Cymbidium dayanum From Đạt PQ post: "Lam Dong Province - Vietnam ------ Geography, small ps... June 27, 2018
Cattleya purpurata Some information on coloration varieties of C. purpurata: - var. tipo has nic... June 27, 2018
Scuticaria peruviana From Jose Izquierdo-Rivera response. "This is not perviana. It is salesiana. Th... June 26, 2018
Corybas geminigibbus From Tom Bajza post, 2018-06-23. Corybas geminigibbus - the smallest terrestr... June 23, 2018
Renanthera citrina-philippinensis The photos posted as first entry for this hybrid flattered to deceive, turning o... June 23, 2018
Brassocattleya Rustic Spots Thank you Matthew. I agree. June 22, 2018
Zygostates grandiflora Ornithocephalus grandiflora #17882 – 17884 were submitted as Ornithocephalus gra... June 22, 2018
Trichoglottis amesiana According to Bernd Koch, #19323-19325 may be misidentified. June 22, 2018
Scaphosepalum decorum According to Bernd Koch, #192172,- 192174 may be falsely identified. June 22, 2018
Sarcoglyphis mirabilis According to Bernd Koch, #1938-1939 may be falsely identified. June 22, 2018
Epidendrum veroscriptum Thanks to Bernd Koch for pointing out that the photo #18658 may be wrongly ident... June 21, 2018
Phalaenopsis Cesario Gene Tobia The plant in photo #494, 496, 519 are remade with (P. cornu-cervi f. flava x P.... June 21, 2018
Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim From Kiat Tan's response: "I was looking for variations such as the clone ‘Doug... June 20, 2018
Aerides houlletiana # 7560 looks like a Aer. falcata than houlletiana. June 20, 2018
Rhyncholaeliocattleya Taeko Tamaki Thank you Deborah for the very first post! Can't wait to see some pictures when... June 20, 2018
Peristeria Albirosa From Stanley Hervey post, 2018-06-19. Peristeria Albirosa (Peristeria elata x P... June 19, 2018
Dendrobium rigidum Ramakrisna Nidagal's post, 2018-06-15: Dockrillia rigida (Dendrobium rigidum) ... June 16, 2018
Octomeria crassifolia From Giovanne Proenca post, June 14 2018: Octomeria Crassifolia is a species of ... June 16, 2018
Pabstiella quadridentata From Giovanne Proenca post: June 14, 2018. Pabstiella Bicolor of the subtribe Co... June 16, 2018
Papilionanda Josephine van Brero Imported into British Malaya and Singapore by Lim Hong Hee, it was acquired subs... June 14, 2018
Vanda tricolor The Vanda tricolor complex encompasses many colourful varietal forms of a wide-r... June 14, 2018
Bulbophyllum longiflorum Bulbophyllum eberhardtii (syn.) arrangement of flowers is not complete circle, u... June 14, 2018
Coelogyne pandurata From Kesavan Gopalan post (June 11,2018) #180828: Coelogyne pandurata from ano... June 14, 2018
Cyrtopodium flavum From Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis post, 201806011, #18034, 181261-2. Cyrtopodium ... June 14, 2018
Pabstiella uniflora From Giovane Proenda post 20180611: #2350, 188630. Pabstiella Uniflora, of the ... June 14, 2018
Aranda Nancy O'Neil Emrys Chew post 2018-06-11 #10117. Aranda Nancy O'Neil (Arachnis hookeriana ×... June 13, 2018
Aranda Nancy Emrys Chew: 2018-o6-11: #10499. Aranda Nancy (Arachnis hookeriana x Vanda dea... June 13, 2018
Dendrobium moschatum Worranittha Koenig post 2018-06-11. #182165. Seens like D. moschatum need a lot... June 13, 2018
Vanilla pompona Kevin Holcomb post 2018-06-11 #182244. Vanilla pompona; Atlanta Botanical Garde... June 13, 2018
Prosthechea tigrina Andreas Kay post 11 Junbe 2018, #182533-34 Orchid, Anacheilium tigrinum? (ID by... June 13, 2018
Lepanthes hexapus Kevin Holcomb post, June 11, 2018 #182585-182606. Another tiny species. The flo... June 13, 2018
Trichoglottis biglandulosa Tomas Bajza post: Jume 10, 2018, img#182651 - Ceratochilus biglandulosus - one ... June 13, 2018
Phalaenopsis Rare Delight From Peter Lin post, #10415: "This one has open form like Phal maculata. Howeve... June 13, 2018