Gomesa Java Nagrok 1936 (RHS registered)
Gomesa flexuosa × Gomesa varicosa

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Pollen Parent

Species Ancestors 2

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
Gomesa Kuwon Gomesa Java Gomesa forbesii
Gomesa Kutree Gomesa Java Gomesa imperatoris-maximiliani
Gomesa Jennifer Ann Lorraine Gomesa Java Gomesa Nonamyre
Gomesa Kanoa Gomesa Java Gomesa varicosa
Golumnia Amy Gomesa Java Tolumnia guianensis
Golumnia Mary Burns Gomesa Java Tolumnia henekenii
Gomocentrum Gertrude Beard Gomesa Java Trichocentrum lanceanum
Gomocentrum Vanaman Gomesa Java Trichocentrum microchilum
Gomenkoa Bill Lockhart Gomesa Java Zelenkoa onusta
Erymesa Kuwait Erycina pusilla Gomesa Java
Gomesa Moonlight Peacock Gomesa Burgeffianum Gomesa Java
Gomesa Star Dance Gomesa Star Wars Gomesa Java
Gomonia Pierrette Miltonia spectabilis Gomesa Java
Oncidesa Brechts' Fiftieth Oncidesa Golden Fantasy Gomesa Java