Gomesa Cloud Ears Rod McLellan Co. 1994 (RHS registered)
Gomesa Grafo × Gomesa Enderanum

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Species Ancestors 4

Immediate Offspring
* indicates available images
GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
Gomesa Autumn Splash Gomesa Cloud Ears Gomesa forbesii
Aliceara Mystic Moose Aliceara Marfitch Gomesa Cloud Ears
Bramesa Solar Flares Bramesa Aloha Gomesa Cloud Ears
Gombrassiltonia Chase Yager Bratonia Marlene Holl Gomesa Cloud Ears
Gombrassiltonia Mocha Stars Bratonia Shelob Gomesa Cloud Ears
Gomesa Spotted Cloud Gomesa Alosuka Gomesa Cloud Ears
Nohagomenkoa Thunderhead * Nohawenkoa Alohi Gomesa Cloud Ears
Oncidesa Sweet Ears Oncidesa Sweet Sugar Gomesa Cloud Ears
Oncidesa Walnut Valley Cloud Leopard Oncidium Bryon Rinke Gomesa Cloud Ears