Genus: Laelia:
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Subgenus: Laelia:
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Section: Podolaelia:
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  • Mexico Central, Mexico, Northern America
  • Mexico Northeast, Northern America
  • Mexico Northwest, Northern America
  • Mexico Southwest, Northern America
  • Amalia albida (Bateman ex Lindl.) Heynh. (1846)
  • Bletia albida (Bateman ex Lindl.) Rchb.f. (1862)
  • Cattleya albida (Bateman ex Lindl.) Beer (1854)
  • Laelia albida f. sulphurea (Rchb.f.) M.Wolff & O.Gruss (2007)
  • Laelia albida var. sulphurea Rchb.f. (1884)
  • Laelia albida var. brunnea Rchb.f. (1868)
  • Laelia albida var. ochracea Rchb.f. (1868)
  • Laelia albida var. stobartiana Rchb.f. (1877)
  • Laelia albida var. tuckeri Rchb.f. (1868)
  • Laelia albida var. superba F.Buyss. (1878)
  • Laelia albida var. maryaniae (B.S.Williams) B.S.Williams (1871)
  • Laelia candida Lodd. ex W.H.Baxter (1850)
  • Laelia discolor A.Rich. & Galeotti (1845)
  • Laelia maryaniae B.S.Williams (1862)
Laelonia Alaula Laelia albida × Broughtonia sanguinea
Laeliocattleya Chat Laelia albida × Cattleya bicolor
Laeliocattleya Nina Bonita Laelia albida × Cattleya Claesiana
Laeliocattleya Yondi Ashleigh Laelia albida × Cattleya coccinea
Laeliocattleya Pixie Star Laelia albida × Cattleya harpophylla
Laeliocattleya Fenland Sprite Laelia albida × Cattleya pumila
Laeliocatanthe Meghan Laelia albida × Cattlianthe Porcia
Laelia Finckeniana * Laelia albida × Laelia anceps
Laelia × crawshayana * Laelia albida × Laelia anceps
Laelia × leucoptera Laelia albida × Laelia furfuracea
Laelia Leucoptera * Laelia albida × Laelia furfuracea
Laelia Eyermanniana Laelia albida × Laelia speciosa
Laelia eyermaniana * Laelia albida × Laelia speciosa
Proslia Ivory Imp Laelia albida × Prosthechea vitellina
Laeliocattleya Dori Milan Cattleya Amelia × Laelia albida
Laeliocattleya Attu Summer Cattleya Glowing Embers × Laelia albida
Laeliocattleya Solar Velvet Cattleya Halfway × Laelia albida
Laeliocattleya Candy Stripe Cattleya Okami × Laelia albida
Laeliocattleya Munchkin Smiles Cattleya Psyche × Laelia albida
Laeliocattleya Alfred Hockenmaier Cattleya Sandstone × Laelia albida
Laeliocatanthe Snickers Cattlianthe Chocolate Drop × Laelia albida
Laeliocatanthe Ernestine Garavelli Cattlianthe Molly Tyler × Laelia albida
Laeliocatanthe Highland Treat * Cattlianthe Trick or Treat × Laelia albida
Caulaelia Snowflake * Caularthron bicornutum × Laelia albida
Laeliocatarthron Espionne Blanche Caulocattleya Colmaniae × Laelia albida
Laelianthe Bowrialbida * Guarianthe bowringiana × Laelia albida
Laeliocattleya Cosmo-Albiglow Laeliocattleya Sunset Glow × Laelia albida

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