Genus: Cyrtopodium:
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  • Florida, Southeastern U.S.A., Northern America
  • Cayman Is., Southern America
  • Cuba, Southern America
  • Dominican Republic, Southern America
  • Haiti, Southern America
  • Puerto Rico, Southern America
  • Trinidad-Tobago, Southern America
  • Venezuela, Southern America
  • Colombia, Southern America
Common Name: Cigar Orchid, Cowhorn Orchid,
  • Cymbidium trinerve G.Mey. (1818)
  • Cyrtopodium speciosissimum Planch. (1877)
  • Epidendrum mayzifolium Lindl. (1853)
  • Epidendrum punctatum L. (1759)
Meen Nursery
Cyrt. punctatum 'Sofia' AM/AOS
Glen Gary
Cyrt. punctatum
John Varigos
Cyrt. punctatum
Danny Rodriguez
Cyrt. punctatum
Matthew Preiss
Cyrt. punctatum
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