Chysis bractescens Lindl. 1840 (Kew accepted)

Distribution Mexico Gulf, Mexico, Northerm America
Mexico Southwest, Northerm America
Mexico Southeast, Northerm America
Belize, Southern America
El Salvador, Southern America
Guatemala, Southern America
Honduras, Southern America
Nicaragua, Southern America
General Information: from Mexico and Central America. The 3" fragrant flowers are produced from the base of the newly emerging growths. The older, pendant growths are deciduous, leaving behind heavy, club-like canes up to 2 feet long and 3" thick
Synonym Chysis aurea var. bractescens (Lindl.) P.H.Allen
Chysis makoyi Heynh.
Thorvaldsenia speciosa Liebm.
Subfamily:   Epidendroideae
Tribe:   Epidendreae
Subtribe:   Chysinae
Genus:    Chysis: list | images