Genus: Dinema:
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  • Mexico Central, Mexico, Northern America
  • Mexico Gulf, Northern America
  • Mexico Southwest, Northern America
  • Mexico Southeast, Northern America
  • Belize, Southern America
  • El Salvador, Southern America
  • Guatemala, Southern America
  • Honduras, Southern America
  • Nicaragua, Southern America
  • Panama, Southern America
  • Cuba, Southern America
  • Jamaica, Southern America
  • Windward Is., Southern America
  • Bulbophyllum occidentale Spreng. (1826)
  • Dinema cubincola (Borhidi) H.Dietr. (1980)
  • Encyclia polybulbon (Sw.) Dressler (1961)
  • Epidendrum cubincola Borhidi (1977)
  • Epidendrum polybulbon var. luteoalbum Miethe (1914)
  • Epidendrum polybulbon Sw. (1788)
Sandro Lucas
Din. polybulbon
Natalie Stone
Epidendrum polybulbon (syn)
Américo Pereira
Din. polybulbon
Piera Bonfanti
Din. polybulbon
Din. polybulbon
Jorge Gastin
Din. polybulbon
Piotr Kazimierz Dobrzyński
Encyclia polybulbon (syn)
Piera Bonfanti
Din. polybulbon
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