Genus: Grammatophyllum:
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Section: Stichorchis:
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  • Jawa, Malesia, Asia Tropical
  • Malaya, Asia Tropical
  • Philippines, Asia Tropical
  • Sulawesi, Asia Tropical
  • Sumatera, Asia Tropical
  • New Guinea, Asia Tropical
Grammatophyllum stapeliiflorum is an exotic species and the only member of the Genus Grammatophyllum that has pendulous inflorescence. Warm-Intermediate growing. Kobsukh Orchids
  • Cymbidium huttonii Hook.f. (1867)
  • Cymbidium stapeliiflorum Teijsm. & Binn. (1862)
  • Cymbidium stephensii Ridl. (1900)
  • Grammangis huttonii (Hook.f.) Benth. & Hook.f. (1883)
  • Grammangis stapeliiflora (Teijsm. & Binn.) Schltr. (1911)
  • Sadokum stapeliiflorum (Teijsm. & Binn.) D.Tiu & Cootes (2007)
Randu Alas Roban
Gram. stapeliiflorum
Kurniadi Liu
Gram. stapeliiflorum
Jos Ei To
Gram. stapeliiflorum
Eka Putra Hendra
Gram. stapeliiflorum
Narto Nato
Gram. stapeliiflorum
Mas Poer
Gram. stapeliiflorum
Narto Nato
Gram. stapeliiflorum
Ignatius Elvin
Gram. stapeliiflorum
Alice's Orchids-Australia. Thomas Zierk
Gram. stapeliiflorum Borneo - Wild seed form
Ingrid Hilman
Gram. stapeliiflorum
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