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History Phalaenopsis John Seden (P. amabilis x P. lueddemanniana) (Seden; Veitch, 1888) is among the earliest hybrids of Moth Orchid, named for the man who succeeded John Dominy as head gardener at Veitch & Sons of London. Veitch was Victorian Britain's leading orchid nursery, with Dominy as originator of the world's first orchid hybrids. Carrying on this pioneering tradition, Seden is himself credited with raising 12 of the 13 earliest Phalaenopsis crosses, including this one: no mean feat considering the seed had to be sown among the seed parent's roots, just hoping for the best with no clue about the symbiotic mycorrhizae that must be present to enable seed germination.

The original cross yielded ivory white blooms, finely dotted with purple. The photo depicts a lovely yellow-flowered cultivar from a repeat cross (1966) at the Mandai Gardens of Singapore Orchids Pte Ltd. [Emrys Chew 2017-04-03]

  • Phalaenopsis Sedeni Veitch (1888)
  • Phalaenopsis Star of Malaysia Sweet (1968)
Emrys Chew
Phal. John Seden
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