Genus: Papilionanda:
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Papilionanda Ruby (Papilionanthe hookeriana x Vanda tricolor) (Tan Chye Siam, 1931) is an early vandaceous hybrid of Singaporean/Malayan origin, bred by a local orchid grower who was notable enough to later have hybrids named in his honour by the Singapore Botanic Gardens (1949) and John Laycock/Lee Kim Hong (1954).
Holttum described it in his volume on 'Orchids of Malaya' (2nd edn, 1957): "Flowers rather small, but richly coloured, the lip with broad fleshy crimson midlobe."
It would prove to be an influential stud plant: a parent of other local hybrids, such as Papilionanda Ruby Prince; and, by extension, an ancestor of Papilionanda Mandai Poppet and Papilionanda Ernest Chew. Photos illustrate flowers from a repeat cross, courtesy of Neo Tuan Hong. [Emrys Chew 2017-03-24]
  • Papilionanda Dorothy Warne Unknown (None)
  • Vanda Dorothy Warne Unknown (None)
  • Vanda Ruby Tan Chye Siam (1931)

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