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Genus: Papilionanda:
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A backcross of Papilionanda Mimi Plamer to its own pollen parent Vanda tessellata yields Papilionanda Arjuna: slightly smaller plants with shorter, more slender leaves, and flowers of typically more open form, finer tessellation (or none, depending on which of the myriad varieties of V. tessellata were used), heavier substance, and slightly different fragrance. Critically, the side lobes would not be as smooth as Mimi Palmer's or as sharply pointed as tessellata's but irregular in shape, somewhat in between the two.
Emrys Chew
  • Vanda Arjuna F.Bangerter (1982)
Papilionanda Ladda Fragrance (4) Papilionanda Arjuna × Papilionanda Mimi Palmer
Papilionanda Alice Motes (13) Papilionanda Arjuna × Papilionanda Motes Toledo Blue
Papilionanda Naoki Kawamura (17) Papilionanda Arjuna × Vanda cristata
Papilionanda Wareetawan Papilionanda Arjuna × Vanda Five Friendships Tanyawat
Papilionanda Arjuna-Greg Scott (3) Papilionanda Arjuna × Vanda Greg Scott
Papilionanda James Craig Adamson (11) Papilionanda Arjuna × Vanda insignis
Papilionanda Supreme Nokjuna Papilionanda Arjuna × Vanda Khun Nok
Papilionanda Yunnan Smile (1) Papilionanda Arjuna × Vanda Kultana Gold Spot
Papilionanda Motes Red Hot Papilionanda Arjuna × Vanda merrillii
Papilionanda Zander Gah-Jun Ng Papilionanda Arjuna × Vanda Pamela Greer
Papilionanda Mem. H. S. Foster (4) Papilionanda Arjuna × Vanda tessellata
Papilionanda SunCoast Freckles (1) Papilionanda Batram × Papilionanda Arjuna
Vanphalanthe Hualien Blue Jay Phalaenopsis Tying Shin Blue Jay × Papilionanda Arjuna
Vanphalanthe Hualien Sapphire Phalaenopsis Tzu Chiang Sapphire × Papilionanda Arjuna
Papilionanda Motes Amethyst Vanda Blue Grig × Papilionanda Arjuna
Papilionanda Golden Sunset Vanda denisoniana × Papilionanda Arjuna
Papilionanda Erika Cizek Dann (21) Vanda Gordon Dillon × Papilionanda Arjuna
Papilionanda Bruce's Evelyn (1) Vanda John De Biase × Papilionanda Arjuna
Papilionanda Motes Purple Haze (2) Vanda Karnda × Papilionanda Arjuna
Papilionanda Jo Deville Vanda Mem. Lyle Swanson × Papilionanda Arjuna
Papilionanda Amy Glynn Creekmur (16) Vanda tricolor × Papilionanda Arjuna
Papilionanda Motes Harbinger (5) Vanda Violeta × Papilionanda Arjuna
Papilionanda Supreme Magic (1) Vanda Wasana Delight × Papilionanda Arjuna
Mike Pitiriciu
Pda. Arjuna
Ho-kin Ng
Pda. Arjuna
Larry Zabik
Pda. Arjuna
Melida Demorizi
Pda. Arjuna 'Wink'
CW Lim
Pda. Arjuna
Melida Demorizi
Pda. Arjuna
Ho-kin Ng
Pda. Arjuna
Emrys Chew
Pda. Arjuna
Pda. Arjuna
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