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History The University of Hawaii's orchid breeding research program was, from its inception in the 1950s, helmed by Professor Haruyuki Kamemoto, the foremost authority on the cytogenetics of orchids. Over the decades, a good number were identified as potential stud plants, including the photographed tetraploid varieties of:
- Dendrobium striaenopsis M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones (1989) SECTION Phalaenanthe.
- Dendrobium Jaquelyn Thomas (D. gouldii x D. phalaenopsis) (R.K. Thomas, 1949), a Spatulata-Phalaenanthe intermediate.
- Dendrobium Macrobig (D. macrophyllum x D. bigibbum) (University of Hawaii, 1976), a Latouria-Phalaenanthe intermediate.
Kamemoto found that such polyploid plants were dominant parents whose superior genetic configuration vastly improved the quality of their hybrid progeny. [Emrys Chew 2017-04-10]
Tengger Orchid
Den. Macrobig
Malayan Orchid Review
Den. Macrobig 4N, Kamemoto strain
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