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Genus: Burkillara:
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History Burkillara Fatimah Alsagoff (Burk. Chittivan x Vanda Wirat) (S.Y. Alsagoff, 1990) is a vandaceous intergeneric hybrid of Singaporean origin, which combines genetic material from 7 species across 3 genera (Vanda x Aerides x Arachnis).
The genus name honours Isaac Henry Burkill (1870-1965), an English botanist who worked in British India and the Straits Settlements, eventually succeeding H.N. Ridley as Director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens (1912-25).
The hybrid itself is named for the originator's grand daughter. [Emrys Chew 2017-03-22]
  • Lewisara Fatimah Alsagoff S.Y.Alsagoff (1990)
Emrys Chew
Burk. Fatimah Alsagoff 'Zahra' AM/OSSEA
Neo Tuanhong
Burk. Fatimah Alsagoff 'Zahrah' AM/OSSEA
Joseph Yeo
Burk. Fatimah Alsagoff 'Zahrah' AM/OSSEA
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