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  • Borneo, Malesia, Asia Tropical
  • Lesser Sunda Is., Asia Tropical
Vanda dearei Rchb. f. 1886 is a sweetly scented yellow-flowered, large epiphyte from Borneo.

V. dearei is the largest yellow-flowered species in the genus and, unsurprisingly, the 5th most hybridised; an ancestor of 3,738 registered hybrids to date.[Emrys Chew 2017-03-27]

Vanda dearei 'Orchidwoods' ABM/OSSEA is arguably the finest example of the species ever collected and cultivated. It was first acquired as a rather weak jungle plant during the late 1960s, then nurtured from its vulnerable condition to astound its owner Mr. Au Young Nang Yip of Orchidwoods Nursery with the most extraordinary blooms. By 1986 it was fit to be presented for award judging. Having arrived in Singapore in immaculate condition after air travel from Kuching, Sarawak..

History First discovered in Sarawak's rainforests during the 1880s by an English orchid collector, Lieutenant-Colonel George Deare of Englefield Green, Surrey. Deare had amassed such an impressive collection of exotic wild orchids from Southeast Asia that Carl Roebelin, one of Sander's principal agents, saw him as a rival. Several Bornean species are named for Deare, including this Vanda, a Dendrobium and a Bulbophyllum. [Emrys Chew 2017-03-17]
Aeridovanda Mary Wilson Vanda dearei × Aerides odorata
Aranda Tan Chye Siam Vanda dearei × Arachnis Maggie Oei
Papilionanda Siti Zain Vanda dearei × Papilionanda Carousel
Papilionanda Love or Loath Vanda dearei × Papilionanda Dorothea
Papilionanda Tan Chay Yan (29) Vanda dearei × Papilionanda Josephine van Brero
Papilionanda M. T. Boscawen Vanda dearei × Papilionanthe hookeriana
Papilionanda La Tosca (1) Vanda dearei × Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim
Papilionanda Dream Cloud Vanda dearei × Papilionanthe Poepoe
Papilionanda Amelia Noa Vanda dearei × Papilionanthe teres
Paravanda Prosperitas (4) Vanda dearei × Paraphalaenopsis denevei
Paravanda Darling (2) Vanda dearei × Paraphalaenopsis laycockii
Paravanda Moonbeam Vanda dearei × Paraphalaenopsis serpentilingua
Paravanda Tiger Cub Vanda dearei × Paravanda Emily Yong
Tapranda Yeok Pin Vanda dearei × Taprobanea spathulata
Trichovanda Milky Way Vanda dearei × Trichoglottis luzonensis
Trichovanda Dear Ulaula Vanda dearei × Trichovanda Ulaula
Vanda Gnana Kumar (9) Vanda dearei × Vanda denisoniana
Vanda Harvest Time (3) Vanda dearei × Vanda Ellen Noa
Vanda Loretta Rehmann Vanda dearei × Vanda Ellen Wells
Vanda Fairy Wings Vanda dearei × Vanda Flammerolle
Vanda Old Smokey Vanda dearei × Vanda Frankensteiniana
Vanda Yukum Braga Vanda dearei × Vanda Gilbert Triboulet
Vanda August Moon Vanda dearei × Vanda Halelena
Vanda Nellie Svasti Vanda dearei × Vanda insignis
Vanda Fragrance Vanda dearei × Vanda lamellata
Vanda Mark Shou Young (2) Vanda dearei × Vanda luzonica
Vanda Mary Low Vanda dearei × Vanda Mary Foster
Vanda Mem. Layneo Oh Vanda dearei × Vanda Meda Arnold
Vanda Mem. G. Tanaka Vanda dearei × Vanda Mem. T. Iwasaki
Vanda Oriole (3) Vanda dearei × Vanda merrillii
Vanda Dusty Vanda dearei × Vanda Ohuohu
Vanda Tan Wee Teck Vanda dearei × Vanda Ophelia
Vanda Mem. Rocky Clough Vanda dearei × Vanda Paki
Vanda Iron Maiden Vanda dearei × Vanda roeblingiana
Vanda Ellen Noa (4) Vanda dearei × Vanda sanderiana
Vanda Helen Adams (2) Vanda dearei × Vanda suavis
Vanda Anna Jackson Vanda dearei × Vanda Tatzeri
Vanda Chan Meng Kwang Vanda dearei × Vanda Teo Koon Hwa
Vanda Dear Tess Vanda dearei × Vanda tessellata
Vanda Mem. T. Iwasaki (5) Vanda dearei × Vanda tricolor
Vanvanda Moongleam Vanda dearei × Vandopsis gigantea
Vanvanda Colombo Vanda dearei × Vandopsis lissochiloides
Aeridovanda Musette Burton Aerides quinquevulnera × Vanda dearei
Aranda Punctata (8) Arachnis flos-aeris × Vanda dearei
Aranda Nancy (8) Arachnis hookeriana × Vanda dearei
Aranda Freckles (1) Arachnis Ishbel × Vanda dearei
Holttumara Indira Gandhi Aranthera Anne Black × Vanda dearei
Papilionanda Mimi Palmer-dearei (1) Papilionanda Mimi Palmer × Vanda dearei
Papilionanda Robyn Kylea Goff Papilionanda Pailin Boonying × Vanda dearei
Papilionanda Gordon Dunlop Papilionanda Ruby Prince × Vanda dearei
Papilionanda Bruce Ashby Papilionanthe Cooperi × Vanda dearei
Parandachnis Hong Trevor Pararachnis Eric Holttum × Vanda dearei
Paravanda Ian Cheung Chi Yuen Paravanda Prosperitas × Vanda dearei
Vandaenopsis Deareiana Phalaenopsis schilleriana × Vanda dearei
Renantanda Trousseau Renanthera storiei × Vanda dearei
Vanda Srivibul Vanda Amphai × Vanda dearei
Vanda Leahi Vanda Burgeffii × Vanda dearei
Vanda Clare Leong Vanda Charles Goodfellow × Vanda dearei
Vanda Kipikona Vanda Clara Shipman Fisher × Vanda dearei
Vanda Lester McCoy Vanda coerulea × Vanda dearei
Vanda Judith Y. Nishimura Vanda Frank Scudder × Vanda dearei
Vanda Amber Glow Vanda liouvillei × Vanda dearei
Vanda Corinne Vanda Manila × Vanda dearei
Vanda Melody Vanda Mellow Days × Vanda dearei
Vanda Motes Key Lime Vanda Rasri Gold × Vanda dearei
Vanda Cynthia Marks Vanda Rothschildiana × Vanda dearei
Vanda Sumarie (1) Vanda sumatrana × Vanda dearei
Vanda Lisa Belgarde Vanda Thananchai × Vanda dearei
Vanda Ranmenika Vanda Waikiki × Vanda dearei
Vanda Adeline Phoon Yoon Keow Vanda Wangsa Gold × Vanda dearei
Henny purwanto
V. dearei brown form
CK Wong
V. dearei
Shawn Chen
V. dearei brown form
Emrys Chew
V. dearei
Andy Tan
V. dearei
Andy Tan
V. dearei
Shawn Chen
V. dearei caramel brown form
Emrys Chew
V. dearei
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