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Fdk. After Dark
Fdk. Alexa's Raspberries
Fdk. Beverly Danielson
Fdk. Brescansin
Fdk. Chee Chong
Fdk. Dark There After-Jose Abalo
Fdk. Doubtless
Fdk. Enter Light
Fdk. Frank Smith
Fdk. Gemstones
Fdk. Julio David Rios
Fdk. Kelly Longley
Fdk. L'amour de vie de Sue
Fdk. Lime Tiger-spitzii
Fdk. Majestic Orchids Shopper
Fdk. Midnight Lace
Fdk. Midnight Lace-Frilly Doris
Fdk. Midnight Sky
Fdk. Painted Desert-spitzii
Fdk. Turning Point