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Rrm. Blushing Angel
Rrm. Darci Hackney
Rrm. David Butcher-Swan's Verdict
Rrm. Flirtation
Rrm. Helmut Rohrl
Rrm. Hollingsworth's Excellence
Rrm. Mummer's Dance
Rrm. Orchidom Bright Dawn
Rrm. Orchidom Dancer-Alameda Joy-Orchidom Alameda Beth
Rrm. Orchidom Happy Choice-guttata
Rrm. Orchidom Orange Delight
Rrm. Orchidom Orange Delight-guttata
Rrm. Orchidom Valentine
Rrm. Orchidom Valentine-Orchidom Happy Choice
Rrm. Pixie Delight
Rrm. Shamar Grant
Rrm. Willowbank Freckles
Rrm. Willowbank Narina-Irene Gleason