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Rby. Apache Sunrise
Rby. Aurora's Pessoa Schatz
Rby. Binosa-Yen Surprise
Rby. Chief Cindy
Rby. Connie Warne Bowden
Rby. Copper Queen
Rby. Corrientes City FCA
Rby. David Kim San Tan
Rby. Dosa Lemon
Rby. Everything Nice
Rby. Golden Tang
Rby. Gulfshore's Brooke Vickerman
Rby. Haiku Dawn
Rby. Hamlyn's Green Imp
Rby. Hawaiian Leopard
Rby. Heide
Rby. Jimminey Cricket-Netrasiri Beauty
Rby. Keene Lau
Rby. Lahaina Novelty
Rby. Lemon Tang