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Rth. Adesso Tu
Rth. Afternoon Delight
Rth. Ahchung Yoyo
Rth. Al Thanhauser
Rth. Aloha Jewel-Guess What
Rth. Alyssa Bruce
Rth. Alyssa Valmadre
Rth. An-Ping of Taiwan
Rth. Angel Voice
Rth. Apricot Butter
Rth. Apricot D'Or
Rth. Apricot Success
Rth. Atomic Glow
Rth. Aurora's Morning Glory
Rth. Aussie Splash-Waianae Leopard
Rth. Aussie Tokyo
Rth. Ayako Mihara
Rth. Betty Binnie
Rth. Big Kiss
Rth. Biltmore's Tropical Sunset