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Dact. aristata
Dact. elata
Dact. foliosa
Dact. fuchsii subsp. fuchsii
Dact. fuchsii
Dact. incarnata
Dact. incarnata subsp. cruenta
Dact. incarnata subsp. incarnata
Dact. insularis
Dact. kerryensis
Dact. lapponica
Dact. maculata subsp. ericetorum
Dact. maculata subsp. savogiensis
Dact. maculata
Dact. maculata subsp. caramulensis
Dact. majalis subsp. sphagnicola
Dact. majalis
Dact. majalis subsp. majalis
Dact. osmanica
Dact. praetermissa